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CGTextures is quickly becoming the number-one choice for CG-artists throughout the industry. It has 107470 textures available for download free of charge, and is growing by the day. Top-quality textures and easy site navigation allow you to zero in on the right texture for the right job.

Our textures have been used in such high-profile games as Assasins Creed, Quake Wars: Enemy Territory, Grand Theft Auto 4, and Killzone 2. Here is what the professionals have to say about CGTextures:


Justin Holt | Lead Texture Painter | Image Engine Design Inc

For anybody who is serious about texture painting and can't dedicate money or time to shooting their own reference, CGTextures is the place to get what you need.

I've been utilizing their library of incredible reference for many years now and I am continually impressed and satisfied with the frequent additions to their collections along with the plethora of beautifully shot and organized photographic reference. Some of the images on this site have saved me in my personal and professional work more times than I care to mention.

Without question, one of the best reference sites out there.

Misja Baas | Senior Artist | Guerrilla-Games:

" is one of our primary resource sites for texture work on Killzone 2.

It offers a great collection of extremely useful resource materials, which we have used on environments, props, and vehicles. The site is very well organized, frequently updated, and the quality of the photos is very good.

It is one of the best texture resource sites on the Web!"

Mathias Larserud | Matte Painter | Filmgate:

When working on 3D texturing or mattepaintings for feature-film projects, I am always in need of high-quality texture references. CGTextures has a huge library of fantastic images, which are really useful in production. Be it animal skin, rusty metal, or cloudy skies that I'm looking for, I save a lot of time having just one place to go and look for what I need.

Thank you, CGtextures!

Admir Elezovic | Art Director | Croteam:

Working on our new projects, we use CGTextures on a daily basis. It offers detailed textures for props and objects and provides perfectly scaled textures that can be applied to architectural parts and buildings without much editing or adjusting. Besides, we use CGTextures as a starting point for reference materials.

The search function works very well, and the queries always return excellent textures. The metal and newly added wood textures are, without a doubt, the best you can find on the Net.

Raphael Lacoste | Matte Painter and concept artist:

"CGTextures is a big help to me in creating textures for my projects. I have never seen such a quality in pictures or such a diversity in roof textures as I find in CGTextures!

Your website is amazing!"

Membership Benefits

You may have already downloaded textures from this site, and you know CGTextures stands for quality textures. But what additional benefits does a membership give you? Here is a overview:

A much larger quota for daily downloads
Enjoy a quota of 100MB, 250MB, or even 750MB on a daily basis.

Bigger textures
Download the biggest versions of the textures. Many textures have versions which are 5000 pixels or more in size, these 'Huge' versions can only be downloaded with a paid membership.

Tiled textures
Free accounts can only download tiled versions at 640x640 pixels. Paid members can download tiled textures at their largest size.
Already 6900 textures have a tiling version, and more tiled textures are added on a weekly basis.

More layout options
You will have up to 120 thumbnails per page, 4 different thumbnail sizes and preview popups everywhere, making it even faster finding the texture you need.

Support CGTextures

Besides receiving a bigger quota for daily downloads, you will support CGTextures--and this will enable the site to continue to offer public downloads free of charge. Your membership will help CGTextures grow bigger and become more useful to everyone!

The table below shows details of three different types of membership.

Normal Extra Corporate
For Whom? Private use
Small Companies
Private use
Small Companies
Schools & Universities
Large Companies
Download Limit 100MB / 24 hrs 250MB / 24 hrs 750MB / 24 hrs
IP Whitelist No No Yes ( More Info )
Price 59 € / one year
(approximately 61 USD)
119 € / one year
(approximately 124 USD)
249 € / one year
(approximately 261 USD)
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All payments are processed through the secure websites of either PayPal or 2Checkout. At the time of processing, any non-euro amount will be converted to the equivalent euro amount. This is a one-time purchase for a one-year membership. The membership will not renew automatically after this period. A printable invoice is available after you have completed your purchase.

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